Random Photo of the Day: A simple river valley

Columbia River Valley. Photo by Guy Bergstrom.
Columbia River Valley. Yes, this is a ginormous river. Do not try to swim across it. There are also giant sturgeon in here, which are like dinosaur fish, unchanged for a zillion years. Interesting creatures. Photo by Guy Bergstrom.

There’s something special about black-and-white landscapes, and not simply because Ansel Adams turned the genre into an art form. This is a stretch of the Columbia River, which is not in Columbia at all, but in Washington state — not to be confused with Washington, D.C., with the D.C. standing for “District of Columbia.” It’s like they WANT us to be confused.

There’s a petrified forest near where I shot this, and on the other side of the river, a row of giant steel horse sculptures that you can hike up to see. Worth your time, if you’re driving on I-90 and need a break. The entire northwest corner of ‘Murica is glorious to photograph: Washington state, Alaska, Hawaii — you could spend a lifetime hauling around a Nikon of Infinite Beauty and shooting up the place. I recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Random Photo of the Day: A simple river valley

  1. One of my favorite places! Going to a concert at the Gorge should be on everyone’s bucket list…listening to your favorite band while the sun sets over the Columbia is a surreal experience.


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