Superhero movies: Golden Age or insane glut?


You can’t escape the marketing blitz. Superhero movies have targeted your local multiplex and they WILL. NOT. STOP.

Ever since Hollywood took a risk by turning Tim Burton and Michael Keaton loose on BATMAN, studio execs in Hollywood figured out yes, you can make mountains of money on superhero movies–if you do them right.

Marvel perfected the formula of interlocking movies, and now DC is trying to copy it with BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN leading up to 5.6 bazillion movies with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman (what?) and 16 other superheroes only fanboys would know.

Here’s a look at the six comic book films I’m aware of so far. Somebody will point out strays I’ve missed. By the year 2019, every weekend there will be a new Marvel or DC movie opening up, competing with Star Wars and Pixar sequels. All other movies will be relegated to Netflix.

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THE PROTOTYPE trailer is what movies should be

Now, sometimes a bad movie can fool you by putting together 3 minutes of good stuff — the only 3 minutes that don’t stink — into the trailer.

Not this movie. You can feel that it’s going to be good, just like five seconds into the ARGO trailer, I knew Ben Affleck had strapped himself into a chair and watched GIGLI for 72 hours before vowing to atone for his sins, which also include PEARL HARBOR and any other movie he doesn’t also direct. He is born to direct, and to have shaggy hair with a beard.

HOWEVER: This is preventing you from watching one of the best trailers I’ve seen in forever. Here you go.